Indiana Jones is everybody's favourite trilogy second to the Star Wars Trilogy, the Alien Trilogy, The Die Hard Trilogy, and every other trilogy that definately doesn't have a 4th, 5th, or 6th movie sequel. In fact, I would safely say that the rule of three is the most important thing you can do in film.

To move beyond the trilogy means that you are open to making a lemon. You are at risk of making the worst film sequel ever in the history of any franchise. If you decide to go ahead and make a 4th film in what had already been a successful trilogy, you might as well declare war on film and burn every masterpiece made by every popular film studio that made Hollywood what it is today.

Or even worse than that... you could go ahead and make Indiana Jones and the Crystal Face.

When people see Michael Keaton top billing the poster for Birdman, they'd be forgiven for asking "where has he been all these years?" The answer is, Montana.. most of the time, and in studios/location for the consistent stream of supporting film roles. Actors like Keaton don't have to always be in the lime-light. We are reminded that he is a human being afterall.

Birdman is a rare treat, and despite finding link references to Spiceworld the Movie we came through this podcast without casualties.

So here we are, hitting the first podcast of 2015 and what do we do? We rip the world a new hole with a post-apocalyptic review of two dystopian future (first in a series) science fiction action adventure movie: Maze Runner and Divergent. I supposed we could have been talking about many, many other films: The Hunger Games.... and....

So here we go, put on your pastel coloured all-in-one outfit, roll up your sleeves in an act of socially unexceptionable rebellion and listen to us as we cover the new year up in a blackout curtain...

Talk about releasing on peak. Christmas Eve and we finally get our Christmas edition online. What took us so long? Do the words "Congratulations, it's a boy, would you like to cut the cord?" mean anything to you?

Anyways... so we discuss not only our ten selected Christmas movies, but we also talk about those that didn't make the cut. Now, it's not a definitive list. We missed one movie and if you comment to say "Where's Elf you £$&%ers!" than I raise my hand and say honestly, we just forgot. Elf is a great movie, but there are literally thousands. Most of them are made by Hallmark, but still... a LOT. This is just one list. Enjoy our list, it's all about appreciating the love and embracing your inner Christmas Spirit... right?

Well we finally broke the mould and found two movies that we are not entirely fond of. Yes, We went hard into both Birdemic and The Room but we did try hard to dig deep and find a hidden sense of appreciation for the effort. Yes. effort. Whether technically proficient or not, No matter how clumsby the dialogue is or how aweful the FX are, they are watchable... but only in the case of "three's a crowd." - warning, do not watch these kind of films on your own.

It can damage your essence and put a boot to the balls of your respect for life. "I put Andy through his paces with these two" Stephen says, "But I think it will make him stronger. Enough to one day handle the likes of Spiceworld, should we ever get him restrained and locked in a room long enough to get through it."

David Lynch was never going to be too far away from our reviewing minds. He is the painter of the film industry and is not afraid to stick to a vision without sacrifice. There are no product placements, and you cannot watch it on a phone. It's Twin Peaks but darker, and doesn't shy away. It is FIRE WALK WITH ME.

It's on blue tooth... I mean blu-ray. Naturally everybody should go buy Guardians of the Galaxy (but leave the raccoons in the wild. they do not make good pets) - so our review of GotG came about as a surprise. We were all pumped up ready to review two really bad films, but two bad films do make a good one. This was a surprise of a film and finally, we have something in the cinema that is action packed that we do not question. It's allowed to be what it is and that is a very cool thing to be. For a movie anyway. Join Andy Lewin and myself for another episode of Frame By Frame.

Once again we delve into the beautiful yet fractured world of the Alien franchise, charting through the uneasiness of Alien Resurrection only to find ourselves in crossover territory with Alien Versus Predator.

Then we rush past Alien Versus Predator 2: requiem (simply because we couldn't even SEE anything happening in it) to find solace in the Ridley Scott adventure, Prometheus. We then go full circle with the amazing Alien Isolation game that takes you back to the original.

Part 1 of two episode breakdown of the Alien Franchise, stopping short of everything except the novels. We go full circle beginning with Ridley Scott's landmark movie, taking us to war with James Cameron's vision of superior firepower. We then hit a visually impressive yet horribly depressing Alien3 which was still a remarkable debut for director David Fincher.

Andy Lewin and Stephen Radford talk about the Australian made psychological / chiller "Babadook" - we go on a rampage through trailer to feature comparisons first, successfully with babadook, and hen we move to those where the trailer held out more promise than the movie could ever deliver: here we talk, Godzilla (1998) Prometheus, Superman Returns. After that we go on a spin on the whole superhero genre.

Will Stephen ever get into the Marvel universe? Will Andy get his wish and finally get to review Guardians of the Galaxy?

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