Yep. Exorcist. What more can we say? The first setup a whole new future of horror and, well, blockbusters where cinema lines became an overnight event. Star Wars would not have been as successful if it wasn't for the cinema going trend that started with this terrifying event.
As for Heretic, Beginning and Dominion... these movies should never have been made. Only Exorcist III, Legion stands out for being brave enough to play with the genre. We have Blatty to thank for that too.

So covering Exorcist, Exorcist II The heretic, Exorcist III Legion, Exorcist the Beginning and Dominion the prequel to the Exorcist.

At least the last two were good background sounds. The English Patient was scarier than either movie.

We dive into the dark side of the internet with internet stalking ghosts in the machine, cyber bully frenzy with the movie Unfriended. Conceptually fascinating and there may be some room for our usual segway antics. We also figure out how useful Facebook is, and how promoting on the web is a meaningless activity that you have no control over. Unless you're really really really prolific or promise the solution to ripped abs... which we don't have. Okay, on with the show.

We didn't want to jump on the bandwagon when this one was released. We knew it would gain massive attention, but we would get lost in a crowd of podcasts from those who know and those who don't have a clue what it is they are watching. Let it be said that Mad Max has never had a straight line of continuity, which made it easy to fall back into it again after all these years. Sure Mel isn't there, but Toecutter is back in the incarnation of Immortal Joe. Like visiting Australia itself, I knew that I would love it. It is exactly what it says on the box.
Pure indulgence without pretense and nobody but George Miller can give that to us. This is a masterclass in action films.

We learn that the Beach Boys are much more than just a surfing inspired, happy go lightly band. We take a look at Love and Mercy, the new biopic that courses through the trials and tribulations of Brian Wilson, the music maestro, writing genius at the very core of the Beach Boys success.

This is the first episode where we visit a film which has been given a short back and sides - or in this case, banks trimmed and what's taken off the banks is added to the eyebrows. In other words, we cannot find a true reason why X Men Rogue Cut for Days of Future Past exists. Naturally, it's about the money. Fans have to set aside more cash when they already paid for what was a cut accepted for theatrical release. Why take more? Now in the future, we hope to revisit more re-cuts, special editions, directors cuts, ultimate editions, and anniversary cuts and find out which ones are worth buying. One thing is for sure... Star Wars is not one of them, especially when they claimed that the original version would be available for the last time... on VHS... Go figure.

We drift in and out of the realm as we figure out why we're not sure if we liked this thrill seeker horror flick. Horror is either going to challenge or entertain, have character depth, thrill and scare. if you have a film that does all that and more then it's probably not Insidious.
We also cover Terminator Genisys, although there's nothing that we can't squeeze into the 2 minute 40 that we assigned to it. Thank goodness we realized there was no podcast to be had.

Stephen urges Andy to re-watch Mad Max Fury Road for the need to have a complete view of that movie before we review.
Then there's an overview of two documentaries that we want to cover in depth: Brian Wilson, music multi-tasker and co-found of the Beach Boys, genius and the under-appreciated when she was alive but suddenly fascinating and heartfelt after death, Amy Winehouse.

The future is good.

Remakes always make us feel uncomfortable, especially when we see no reason to add to what is already a complete experience. Perhaps this remake could take the theory of "poltergeist" and make sure everything that doesn't fit the definition is excluded? So we could have a poltergeist movie with poltergeist activity: moving objects, creating hallucinations and manipulating electricity. We get that, but how can a poltergeist manifest, steal a child and stick her inside a TV? How come everybody in the movie seems to know what's going on without even thinking or picking up a book? Could there be an awareness of the Tobe Hooper directed Spielberg produced original?

It was bound to happen. Focusing on the rogue yet brilliant director of life as we fear it, we unravel the films of John Carpenter. There's the music, Jamie Lee Curtis, there's Kurt Russel and things that lurk in dark shadows. Yes, the last one would indeed be Donald Pleasence who needs no introduction. He's that good.

Through a career that seems to have halted more times lately then we care to comment on, he went from indie to almost mainstream, and back again. Lately he's also watched almost every film of his become rebooted, either very weakly or average, unable to topple his greatness. Which makes you wonder: what will we see in the future from Mr Carpenter, and is he going to shake us to our very core one last time?

We go theme park gone wrong mad today as we review the latest outing for the Jurassic Park franchise. Not a reboot, nothing all that memorable, but an experience you enjoy in the moment. WestWorld is a classic albeit obvious questionable ideas such as how loaded weapons get in the hands of a robot... other than that, it's a movie that gets your circuits sparking. FutureWorld could have had everything, but it has an actual resort missing, a rock steady Yul Brynner scene missing, and an ability to not use a factory boiler room over and over again. Frankly, while you watch it you are making up your own version of what a great film it good have been. These are theme parks you don't want to get on the wrong side of. Best stick with a bouncy castle in the back garden.

Plus, we talk about what it means to be an icon, product placement and the passing of Christopher Lee

We're back after two weeks hiatus. As we warm up to more single hit movies (and those bombs that we dredge up every now and then) we will go through a list from Time Out's Top 100 Science Fiction Movies. We take 30 of these as honourable mentions. We however decided that we didn't want to mention Star Wars. There's really nothing else to add there. Oh, and we've already done the Alien Franchise, and we are saving the Mad Max films for another time, so here we go, it's not to everybody's liking and if we had two hours, we'd mention Planet of the Apes, Omega Man, Super 8, etc... there are too many to choose from!

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