Predator movies are synonmous with the Alien franchise and it has taken 49 episodes for us to visit these movies. We talk about Schwartzenegger and Glover, cover Brody and the beast itself. Naturally, as we skimmed over the AVP movies in the Alien episodes (#2 and #3)

What's amazing about the first movie is the blending of the action and science fiction with that vietnam sense of craziness. The second Predator movie was a surprise I'm sure for many. It made it the urban battle that we had always wanted to see - and something to this day that the Alien franchise has never been able to do. Predator 2 is a great science fiction movie and is well cast. Then we come to Predators. That's just fan service with the wrong lead. No matter what Adrian Brody is not an action hero. Lawrence Fishbourne is not Colonel Kurtz, and Topher Grace is Topher Grace.

This is our second podcast about the X Files. You would be correct to assume we are definite fans, however we go in with a full hour to cover six episodes, five of which we're happy with. One of these is not worthy. We have enjoyed what is to be "too short a season" but with all things considering, it will pave the way to hopes of a further expanded season in the following year.

Oh but thank goodness we still have Twin Peaks and the promise of a new Trek series to ponder in the mean time. Oh and a new Gilmore Girls season but that's neither here nor there.

Luckily with this episode, nothing bad happens to us - the hosts - and there have been no Brit Pop terror groups involved in any way. Yet.

Before the Bowie and Rickman news broke, we had planned for our return to answer the questions that had haunted us since we started. Is Spiceworld really that bad? Naturally as we were away during the December season of the Star Wars soft reboot, we had to also answer, Is The Force Awakens really that good?

Out of all of this, we wanted to also address that one movie that had been given the worst rap by respected film critic and film scholar, Mark Kermode, so we really wanted to cover in depth, the filth and nastiness that is Sex and the City 2. But what movie would we pit against such an atrocity? Well, the Green Inferno ofcourse!

We wanted to pack this episode full and that's exactly what we've done.

We might feel a little lighter now that we got all that over and done with, right?

After over a five month hiatus where the odds of us coming back slipped away with each passing day, the Frame By Frame podcast has returned.

This episode sees the beginning of great change: firstly the mic's are on and the Roland has taken the backseat which means both Andy and Stephen will sound like the man breathing on the other end of the phone... sometimes.

The room is the same, the coffee, still freeze dried until the toddler lets me stay in the kitchen long enough to make a real coffee, and jokes are the same...

Over the next few weeks will see a gradual change to include a more intensive coverage of recent, old and strange movies as well as other venues that catch our eye.

This week, we talk about the passing of David Bowie and Alan Rickman, and even though we really didn't do it justice how important these two men were to the world of music/film and to art itself, the month of January for 2016 will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Oh, but we also talk a little about the Oscar nominations. More to come on that I'm sure.

It took Stephen's wife several days to shake the image of this movie out of her mind. For her it was disturbing, and yet strangely compelling. I would have to say that this is true on both counts, but where we as reviewers go with this movie is to remark mainly on it's message, its cleverness... its versatility and unpredictability as movies go.

This simple story reaches many avenues of the human psyche. Naturally, you would come to expect this from David Lynch. Also, we review his short film Rabbits which to some might be impossible to review. it's like a painting. Open to interpretation and doesn't amount to a hill of beans when it comes to how you make sense of it. There are clues... and nobody really should spend time organizing them in any order.

We talk about Dawn of the Dead remake from 2004, and then turn to the idea of exploring all Horror Film Remakes. Some work, some don't. We hit all films from The Fly to The Grudge. The Ring, Invasion of the Body Snatchers (yes, again) Nightmare on Elm Street, Evil Dead, Last House on the Left and more...

This episode fell behind the lines for several weeks due to a hefty editing process. Something to do with complex and uncertain placement of plot detail and making sure it sat in the right topic within the correct movie. You see, all these films are dense with action sequences, but they don't all carry the same flavor. Some action sequences could have been placed anywhere and for whatever reason. We go through the five film incarnations and indulge in a little guitar, a few buzzer sounds and explosions... lots of explosions. Also, please count how many times Andy says "rogue" and skull a shot of your choice of liquor. Chances are you will be smashed before we land in the third movie.

Your mission should you... ahh to hell with it, enjoy the podcast!

The sad passing of Wes Craven has preempted a change in the regular scheduled episode. Sorry Mission Impossible but this is an important one that requires our special time.

Wes Craven's love of the darkness of cinema has transformed our movie going habits. Now we have the disturbing Last House on the Left, the relentless Freddy and the ever illusive ghost face.

Thanks Mr Craven!

We don't make things easy on ourselves. It is hard to imagine that any other country would have been brave enough to make a 3 hour movie from the point of view from a interstellar earth traveler (which Stephen argued against being anything but science fiction) who, among his group of scientist peers, happen upon and begin to observe a planet from which the people have remained within the dark ages.

That wasn't easy to write, and far be it for me to say that this wasn't an easy film to watch. Unlike most movies that hit the cinema, this one is one of observation and endurance. We love black and white movies, and had this been in color, then the content may have been far too graphic. It's definitely one that falls under the "love it or hate it" category.

If you are the one who says "I don't get it." or "I didn't follow the plot." then they are both right... and also misinformed as to what it is they have truly experienced.

This is a film, for art, not for popcorn and buttock squeezes with your girlfriend on a Saturday night.

The podcast which you are about to listen to is an account of the tragic meeting between two film fanatics whom had fallen upon the sharp words of a social media post that put them on a path to do the impossible. No, this isn’t the podcast where they finally review Spice Girls the Movie. What you’re about to listen to go far deeper… which isn’t difficult.

On the 3rd August 2015, Stephen read the post from Dan the Man Morales – beloved punk hardcore music entertainer who’s songs include I want you, I love you Lindsay Logan and Slut Hunt – not to be confused with the children’s classic story, we’re going on a bear hunt – anyway, Dan the Man Morales wrote:

"All you need to know about the USA can be learned by watching the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Cocktail starring Tom Cruise." - Dan the Man Morales.

This quote blew Stephen’s mind, and Andy was also fascinated – which was probably down to a mixture of post exorcist Christening cake and hard liquor – he posed the notion of doing a podcast based on Dan the Man Morales’ post. They could not have expected nor would they have wished to see as much of the mad and macabre as they were to see two weeks later when they sat down to record the podcast that would blow the minds of the fans – both of them. For them an idyllic summer afternoon recording session became a nightmare. They had to talk about the movie Cocktail. Things got better when they compared it with the discovery of one of the most bizarre crimes in the annals of American history, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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