Behold, a fresh, humour filled exploration of the unknown, with plenty of creaky floors, squeaky doors, unintelligable language and extra- ordinary theories.

That's just the hosts. Listen to YngDave and Stephen as they reckon with their belief systems.

Yngdave builds his belief around logic - however leaning to what might be rather than what it is not, while Stephen builds his skepticism around snack food.

In other words, Stephen would rather debunk and believes that human experience, as data, is fallible.

They might not be able to bend spoons and no doubt, they will blame each other for the fires that get started in remote areas, thanks to their misguided attempts at astral projection.

END OF THINGS 002: The Omen Curse

EPISODE ONE (08/02/17)

This episode puts the idea of curses in films to the test. Are there really strange forces at work, or is this just a gimick to sell videos, DVDs and more? We also look at the movie The Omen, Rosemary's Baby, Poltergeist (1982) and the Exorcist.


TOPICS: The Omen, precongitive photography, devil's offspring, Curses in movies.

END OF THINGS 001: The Pilot

EPISODE ONE (08/02/17)

This episode gives you a brief introduction to YngDave and Stephen who start things easy with UFO sightings and the typical view of how mainstream society reacts to the nature of these sightings.


TOPICS: YngDave's UFO experience, Betty and Barney Hill, President's and Jimmy Kimmel, Carl Sagan on UFO sightings. Stephen's UFO experience.

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