This is where it all began, with David Smith and myself putting on what was more of a retrospective look at our Boston College student days.

Boston (in Lincolnshire, not the one in MA) was a place where we grew into the creative mad men that we are today. We worked with linear editing, had to get cameras back by 5pm sharp and nobody really knew how to loop audio on only two existing tracks without ghosting.

Our guests for this 6 part collaboration are Charles Hinton, Nick Briggs, Rusty O'Nhiall, Laura Smith (then Hirst) and Eric Dionne.

PODFLING 006: Eric Dionne

EPISODE ONE (03/03/11)

Guest: Eric Dionne joins us from across the Atlantic to share with us his encounters in the entertainment industry, the paranormal scene as well as his success as a specialist in the realm of cryptozoology. Stephen and David reflect on editing, give three more youtube student film reviews and down a few snowballs in this, the last episode of the season.

PODFLING 005: Laura Hirst

EPISODE FIVE (03/05/11)

Guest: Laura Hirst / Episode summary: Royal Wedding avoidance / Dave's Student picks from YouTube.

PODFLING 004: Rusty O'Nhiall

EPISODE FOUR (16/03/11)

Guest: Rusty O'Nhaill / Episode summary: Exploring documentary and the "Last Days of Single Screen Cinema". EPISODE LENGTH: 0:27:45

PODFLING 003: Stephen N. Briggs

EPISODE THREE (09/03/11)

Guest: Stephen Nicholas Briggs / Episode summary: Delving even deeper into our student film background with "Days Like These". EPISODE LENGTH: 0:30:07

PODFLING 002: Charles Hinton (part 2)

EPISODE TWO (23/02/11)

Guest: Charles Hinton (part 2) / Episode summary: Talking about acting and the idea of keeping any student project within reachable scale, with "The Endurance" / Podfling News. EPISODE LENGTH: 0:39:10

PODFLING 001: Charles Hinton (part 1)

EPISODE ONE (16/02/11)

Guest: Charles Hinton (part 1) / Episode summary: We introduce the subject of student/independant filmmaking / Tribute to Movie Magic: American Werewolf in London / Podfling News. EPISODE LENGTH: 0:47:01


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